Saturday, April 30, 2011

What is computational power?

Computational power is the number of arithmetic operations that a computer can perform at any given time. One of the metrics used in computing power, especially incontext of the of supercomputers used for complex engineering calculations and modeling , isFLOPS ( Floating calledOperations Per Second ) . Currently, the fastest computer system has reached such a computing power of 1 PFLOPS (1 billiards floating point operations per second). Moore's Law is often cited is a way to anticipate the increasing computational power of computers.
The fastest supercomputer in June 2007 and was the type of machine is Blue Gene / L built in 2005 by IBM, several expansions, now equipped with 131,072 processors with a total capacity of the measured 280.6 TFLOPS. It requires power supply 1.5 MW of electricity and adequate cooling.

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